Dead or alive?

Alive, I am, believe it or not.

Just not on here. Just not with things that are appropriate to say right now in a public place. Not yet. Not ever in some of those inappropriate moments in my head.

The good thing? It’s fall. And I love fall.

The smell, the colors, the weather. Oh Indiana, how I do love your season called Fall.

Also? Halloween. It’s so great. Decorating the house, buying costumes with excited little girls who have been planning their costumes since November 1st of last year! (sense a little bit of sarcasm there?)

One thing I love about Halloween is the Children’s Museum haunted house. We go every year with the kids and always have so much fun. This year, Lucas and I were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the “Wicked Workshop” before yesterday’s opening day.

It was really great – and totally different (I felt) from prior years. From walking through a giant pumpkin, complete with “guts” hanging from the inside…


To finding little witches helpers in each room (taking the place of the little pics hiding on the wall of each room)…


To walking through a glow-in-the-dark MASSIVE black cat…


To finally making our way through a pitch-black maze with sporadic bright, blinking lights…

And while Lucas didn’t love it (he kept saying “walk! walk! walk!” when I wanted to stop and see the details), I can’t wait to take the girls back. This year, I get to take Alaina to frightening hours and Adam gets to take Cami to friendly hours. And thanks to the library’s summer reading program, we already have our tickets in hand!

I do have to say, I think this year’s haunted house is by far the best I’ve seen in several years. It didn’t feel like the same place, just redecorated, like in the past. It’s so well done this year. The Museum should be proud.

And while I might have seemed as dead as many of the skeletons in the haunted house over the last 6 weeks, I promise my heart is starting to beat a bit more, and I’m starting to feel like writing again. So look for some changes around here coming soon.


About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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