{scaredy} cat in the {lame-o} hat

Friends, I have *always* dreamed of being on Broadway. My rock star dreams as a child (ok, maybe not only as a child) were replaced by Broadway dreams when I hit middle school. I loved musicals – everything about them made me happy: the cheesy music, the corny choreography, the elaborate costumes and crazy stage make-up. Granted, I was in middle school, but I dreamed of being on a bigger stage with inspiring music and amazing choreography.

My parents took me to see Cats in Fox Theatre in Detroit the summer before my freshman year of high school. I cried, several times, because it was so powerful for me. And maybe I cried because I knew it would never be me on that stage.

Fast foward to last month, when a friend forwarded me an email announcing open auditions for Seussical, a musical based on the books of Dr. Seuss, at a local theater just a few blocks from my house. Instantly I thought of Alaina, my oldest, and she was immediately on board with auditioning. She has fallen in  love with acting over the last year and was super excited for an opportunity to audition.

And then I started wondering why I wasn’t auditioning. “Why not?” kept creeping into my head…

Here’s “why not”: I’m a scaredy cat. And I’m totally lame to not try to overcome my fear of getting rejected.

But I just don’t think I can do it. It’s been FOR. EVER. since I’ve sang in front of anyone (save for karaoke). I haven’t EVER auditioned for anything REAL. And it’s been 20 years since I’ve been on stage. I really would have NO IDEA where to even begin. I would be a fish out of water.

But I totally want to do it. OH, THE INNER STRUGGLE!

I have an idea though: One of you should audition with me! How fun would that be?! COME ON! Audition with me!!! I really don’t think I can do it on my own.

And I promise not to egg your car if you get cast and I don’t.


(I think, I mean, I really do want to, but if you commit, then I’ll have to, and like I said, I’m a scaredy cat. But maybe I just need the push?)

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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5 Responses to {scaredy} cat in the {lame-o} hat

  1. Deb Baresic says:

    I am SOOOO pushing you…I love remembering watching you!! Actually, I may be shoving you, you should so do it! (I could get out tbe CR tapes of your performances to give you courage 🙂 )

  2. tinlizzy3 says:

    Do it, do it, DO IT!!!

    I love the stage too. Only I love being the one in the audience so I absolutely could not audition with you. I have been looking for a good excuse to check that theater out. Watching a friend in the cast would be a fabulous reason in my book!

  3. Friend, you should totally audition! I’ll come see you perform!

  4. Danielle Rodgers says:

    Oh Katie, You HAVE to do it! C’mon live without regrets! What a great example to show Alaina that life is about taking risks and HAVING FUN! 🙂

  5. punkinmama says:

    So this is what I miss when I don’t look in my reader for nearly a month? Oh, I hope you did it!!

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