and then it got better. and worse. and then better.

I really should write things out more often. You know, remember that it helps me. Because after my post this afternoon and Lucas chilled out from waking up on the wrong side of the crib (like always), I vacuumed. And it felt good.

And then it got worse. I picked up the kids from school and the minute I dropped the neighbor boys off, Alaina made Cami cry because she gave her a knuckle sandwich that was WAY too hard. And then as Alaina was getting out of the car, I noticed that she had colored her 1/2 the side of her hair with yellow highlighter during school. During a lesson that she had finished before the rest of the class. She wondered if it would work, and when it did, she just kept coloring. Nice. So happy she’s utilizing her extra class time well.

But then it got better. We went shoe shopping and I got a new pair of running shoes – the same pair as my current worn-out ones that I love – in a great blue color. And for 40% off, which was even better. Then I got paid for my elephant ear stand work at the fair, which more than covered my shoes. Even better.

We had a great family dinner. Laughed at my kids till I cried. Twice. We decided to go to the park to run off some of their energy.

And then I locked us out of the house.

And our friends who have a spare key weren’t home and the sitter, of course, didn’t know anything about where our key may or may not be. (We weren’t totally sure if they still had the key in the first place.) So we borrowed an extension ladder for our friends down the street and Adam climbed into our 2nd story bathroom window, and Alaina shouted “Daddy! Don’t fall into the toilet!!”

Thankfully, I ended the evening with a great 2 mile walk with a friend (the same friends who graciously let us interrupt their dinner to dig the ladder out of lock-up and drive it to our house so Adam wouldn’t have to carry it 2 blocks by himself). Great conversation and a good exercise always make me feel better.

Another thing you’d think I’d remember…


About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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