Commitment and the Indiana Fever

One thing I’ve always wanted for my kids is for each to be good at something. Not so they can get famous or a earn a college scholarship (though come on, honestly, I wouldn’t complain about not paying for college) but so that each can see how hard work and commitment pays off.

I’ve struggled with my two oldest on this topic (the little guy is too young yet). My oldest, well, commitment isn’t her thing, though she really wants to be good at things. She just really doesn’t want to work hard to get there. She loves rehearsing and performing in ballets, but doesn’t like ballet class, etc. She wants the end result without working for it.

My middle child, she simply doesn’t want to do any activities. She’s quite a homebody and would much rather make age-appropriate art and play with her siblings than go to a class. She has recently expressed interest in learning to play the violin after hearing/seeing one in music class at school, so we’ll start lessons in the fall. I’m hoping she’ll love it as much once she starts lessons. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been thinking more about this in the last few days, since some central Indiana women bloggers were hosted by the Indiana Fever in the Legends suite on Saturday night. It was really inspiring listening to Julie Graue, VP of Business Operations for the Fever, speaking to us about how hard these women players work, and for amazingly small salaries (a fraction of what NBA players make). Most of the women play each WNBA off-season overseas as well. Talk about commitment.

It’s so awesome watching these women play their hearts out for the *entire* game. It’s not about dunks or fancy plays or waiting until the 2nd half to turn it on. It’s about fundamentals and playing a good game of team basketball.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to a Fever game. Our whole family goes to a couple games each season because we can afford to take the whole family to a WNBA game! My kids love it. We can sit close and enjoy the environment – it’s mostly families and friends, rather than business suits in the seats.

We’ll be heading back several times this summer, thanks to great deals like these:

Family Night:
Tickets start at $13 and include a free t-shirt, hot dog, chips and drink. This applies to all Saturday night home games throughout the season. 6/16, 7/7, 8/18, 9/1 are the remaining family night games.

Two for Tuesday/Thursday:
Two for one ticket prices in all levels at all Tuesday and Thursday home games. Tuesday, July 10th would be a fantastic game for kids, with Freddy the mascot’s birthday celebration with mascots from all over joining the crowd. It sounds like a ton of fun and is a daytime game this year (noon), perfect for younger kids and a summer outing.

And guess what?! The Indiana Fever would love for you to come to Friday’s game (June 8th), so tickets are on them! Yep, you can get TWO TICKETS to Friday’s home game against the Connecticut Sun at 7pm for a total of $1.50 (silly Ticketmaster fees). Just go here to redeem the offer.

We’d love to see you there this summer! Let me know if you plan a Fever night and we’ll try to go too!

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5 Responses to Commitment and the Indiana Fever

  1. Just Heather says:

    Yes! This. They play so hard – it’s just super fun to watch! I’m glad you had a great time. I plan to take my girls later this season as well. Maybe we could hook that up together.

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  3. I’m currently making Piper finish out an activity she doesn’t want to do. I told her that we will finish this year, and she doesn’t have to do it next year. And I SO wish we could go to this *almost* free game…

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