My heart is full.

I woke up this morning just wanting to go to the park with friends and be in community. Except that no one else could/wanted to do the same.

So instead, Lucas and I packed up the car with everything I was borrowing from friends that needed returned – a book, dresses, baby boy clothes from two different people. Not quite what I had in mind.

But when we got home, we arrived to an amazingly beautiful, late-morning sun. So we pulled some weeds in the front and headed out back, planning to play in the yard. Instead, we picked strawberries from the garden, sat on a bench and proceeded to eat every. single. one. together.

It was so peaceful. And good. The strawberries were sweet. The boy was loving it. The moment was good.

As Lucas ran around digging in various parts of the yard in the moments after, I picked more strawberries and went inside to make lunch. And that’s when I realized it: My heart is full.

heart plate

I spent a wonderful evening at last night’s Pacers’ game (thanks to the Pacers and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra!) with amazing friends, where I got to hold a week-old baby girl for the entire fourth quarter. I have three beautiful kids and a yard for them to run in. I have a healthy family. I am married to a crazy man, who also loves to garden, even though he doesn’t much like most of what we grow. I have friends who love to be in community, on short notice, late in the afternoon.

Some days stink. But some days are just as sweet as those home-grown strawberries eaten right out of the garden. Those are the days I need to cherish. The ones I need to stop and enjoy rather than fold another loud of laundry. The ones that fill my heart like today.

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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One Response to My heart is full.

  1. tinlizzy3 says:

    It really was a beautiful day! So glad you were able to take it fully in and cherish it.

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