Today. In pictures.

This morning, I bought a shamrock plant at Trader Joe’s. Yep, an actual shamrock plant.


This afternoon, Lucas wore shorts for the first time this season. He also got his first skinned knee at the park, and while I was attempting to get a great photo of this milestone when we got home, I ended up with this photo instead.

Better than a skinned knee picture


And this evening, when sitting down for dinner, the sun was shining into the dining room so beautifully. It was just such a perfect ending to a great day.


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2 Responses to Today. In pictures.

  1. tinlizzy3 says:

    M got her first two skinned knees today too! (I was composing a post in my head entitled “signs of spring.” 🙂

  2. punkinmama says:

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Shamrock plants.

    Skinned knees are definitely a sign of Spring! We got some here too!

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