Last Wednesday night I started feeling dizzy. Since then, I’ve had varying levels of this dizzy, light-headed feeling, along with nausea and generally feeling like something’s just not right. And I can’t trace it back to anything specific.

I have since diagnosed myself with about 14 different illnesses. You know, by googling every symptom that might be a symptom, and checking every doctor.com website possible.

Here is my self-diagnosis:

1. Nerve dysfunction, because for about 30 seconds one evening my cheeks got all tingly and I immediately thought I might be dying.

2. B12 deficiency, see same symptom in #1

3. Middle ear infection

4. Vertigo

5. Diabetes, except that I have checked my blood twice during these episodes and it’s been perfect each time.

6. Anemia

7. Crohn’s Disease

8. Fibromyalgia

9. High Blood Pressure, except today my BP was fine at the doctor’s office.

10. Kidney Failure

11. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

12. Ectopic Pregancy, except that I’m definitely *not* pregnant.

13. Appendicitis, except that the pain I had in my right hip flexor went away after just 2 days and I’m pretty sure was 99% related to the reason I know I’m not pregnant. 🙂

14. Brain Tumor.

So, I decided I should go to the doctor since I have become a hypochondriac since Wednesday night. I had 2-3 pretty severe episodes at the office and my BP and heart rate were just fine. And my doctor thinks it is probably anemia or a broken thyroid and is testing my blood counts as well, to make sure it’s not something else. I’m hoping it’s a quick fix, found from the 3 blood tests he’s running tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll probably start my own website for others like me: http://www.hypochondriac.com.

You can join. I know I’m not the only one with all these diseases.

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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8 Responses to hypochondriac.com

  1. I’ll put money on this being anemia. Low iron is so easy to have, and especially with your history (ie., the reason you are now GF) — it’s quite possible you just don’t absorb iron effectively. I’m doubting thyroid since you don’t have any other symptoms?

  2. punkinmama says:

    I have at least 10 of those 14 diseases! I’ll join you in writing your new website!

    But seriously, I hope it’s something very simple to fix! Thinking of you!

  3. Emily Elling says:

    I’m putting my money on you’re allergic to life. No, just kidding, I bet it’s an iron deficiency, just like Katy said, which fortunately is an easy fix.

    But thinking about you, and keeping you in my prayers…..

    Oh wait, let’s blame this on Peyton….

  4. Just Shireen says:

    Fingers crossed it’s an easy fix!

  5. I prefer to blame everything that goes wrong in life on John Mayer. But that’s just me.

    I convince myself at least 2-3 times a year that I have Lupus. When I worked in the immunology lab at Vanderbilt I would test myself monthly, certain every minute symptom meant I was destined for a life with an auto-immune disorder. I’m glad I’m not the only one, but I certainly hope you feel better soon.

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