Get a jump on your garden.

Why, you ask, are you already thinking about your garden?! I know, it’s only mid-February (though with this Indiana weather you’d think it was late March).

But it’s just 12 weeks until May 15th which is when it’s almost always safe to plant your garden. Which means it’s time to start planning and seeding.

We start almost all of our veggie plants from seed, indoors, 8-12 weeks prior to planting. And that’s now. So besides planning what you want to plant, here are a few other things to keep in mind as spring closes in on us:

First, start composting if you aren’t already. We just started composting and I’m super excited about it. You don’t have to have a big old composting bin out in the yard. You can start small – one idea is to compost your used coffee grounds, which are considered a “green” or nitrogen source. If you don’t drink coffee, you could ask friends, your local coffee shop or Starbucks for their used coffee grounds. Another easy thing to do is to save 2-liter plastic bottles. They make great baby greenhouses so that when you transfer plants to the garden,  you can slowly acclimate them to the outside temperature and elements. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of the bottle and you have an instant greenhouse. (You can either keep the top on or twist off as it gets warmer.)

The final thing I would suggest is to plan on keeping seeds from your upcoming crop for starts the following season. I always forget to do this at the beginning of the season. It’s best to let seeds dry out and then store in a paper envelope of some kind (not plastic, since it keeps moisture in and could cause moldy seeds). Last year, I accidentally left out a bunch of pepper tops with seeds attached. This was actually a great thing, because now, I know exactly what color pepper the seeds are without mislabeling envelopes. I’ll store them this way at the end of this season too. Purposely.

I posted some additional gardening tips last spring you should check out as well. Happy gardening!!

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One Response to Get a jump on your garden.

  1. Laura Tolbert says:

    Only 12 weeks until May 15th…that also means only 11 weeks until May 5th. 🙂 I’m looking forward to having a garden again, and this reminded me that I definitely can’t put off preparing for it! Thanks for the good tips.

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