Who I am.

I feel like I’m all over the place. Personally. Not emotionally, really. I’m feeling pretty stable emotionally. Having bright sunny warm days in the middle of Indiana winter has helped immensely.

I sang nearly every word of “Ice Ice Baby” tonight after watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins with the fam. Feeling the groove, I stood up and did some good ole dance moves from my middle/high school days. Man I love Vanilla Ice and dancing.

I’m knitting an infinity scarf. I just started it yesterday and I cannot WAIT until it’s done. This is the first thing I’ve made for myself since learning to knit in the fall.

I bought the yarn for my scarf with a Mass Ave Knit Shop gift card (which might be my new favorite place to go) that I got for my birthday. My other gift? A Value World gift card.

I worked today. In the office for over 3 hours. And then picked up Baby Jedi from ghetto daycare (really, it’s not ghetto, it’s just *in* the ghetto, but it’s a LOVELY place, I promise) and became stay-at-home-mommy until Tuesday morning.

I really think I have the best of both worlds. I love both of my jobs – both of my “real” jobs.

Cami loves 106.7 fm. She’s definitely my child. I especially love 106.7 during The Quiet Storm with The Loverman, Jerry Wade. You should dial in.

I’m so happy to be watching IU basketball again, with a renewed sense of love for my team. It never left, it was just dormant. Like the team. It’s nice to be back.

I miss Super Bowl Village. I miss stalking TO on Twitter trying to find out where he was so I could go there and get a glimpse of him. It never did happen in the 4 times we were downtown. I even miss stalking Drew Brees for my dear friend Sarah. Looking at strangers’ tweets with pictures trying to tell her what he’s wearing so it was easier for her to find him.

I met Brandon Mychal Smith at the NFL Honors awards. You know, the kid from Disney’s Starstruck and So Random. He hugged me. He shook Adam’s hand. He was so kind and genuine. Really. When I gushed over how excited my girls would be that I was talking to him right then, he took a picture with me for them. Adam and I are still talking about how impressed we were with him. (Do you know he’s 22 years old?!? I just saw that on Wikipedia when I was seeing how to spell his name.)

I could have stayed at the NFL Honors awards all night, staring at those beautiful NFL men. Wow. They are even more handsome in person. Double WOW.

It’s odd having your birthday on the Super Bowl. Especially when it’s in your city. Just saying.

Sometimes I really want this blog to take off. Mostly I don’t really care.

I saw a really fun felt heart garland on Pinterest. I think maybe we might try to make it this weekend. But I think I want to give it away once we make it. That would be fun.

I go back and forth about whether I want another baby. I really do, but I also feel the urge to move on with my life. My career. But, oh, that baby draw…

I’m exercising. I know, get back, but I am. I took last week off because Baby Jedi was so sick, but I got back into it today. Felt good. I’ve lost 3 pounds so that’s fun. 12 more to go.

It’s interesting when your 2nd child starts school. There’s a new level of calmness. Of not freaking out when you feel unneeded pressure from a teacher. I feel like I can stick up for my kids more now. That I know what to be worried about and not. Like Cami struggling with pronouncing her “r” sound. I don’t think not saying one letter correctly at 5 years old is worth a speech evaluation. She also couldn’t say “l” or “th” and now can just fine.

It’s so crazy how my life might change drastically tomorrow, in the blink of an eye. My mom has had breast cancer twice. TWICE. A friend’s daughter is battling a horrible disease. I took them dinner last night. She looks better. Better than the last time I took dinner over. Her daughter (who is Cami’s age) was a healthy, happy little girl and then one day, a year ago, was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain stem. It’s nuts at how life can just change. Just like that.

I am so thankful for my life. And who it has made me. I wonder who it will make me in the future. And who it will make my kids. I pray it makes them strong, loving, independent, Godly people. I pray it makes me the same.


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4 Responses to Who I am.

  1. punkinmama says:

    I love who you are. And I can’t wait to hang out soon!

    Also, Punkin is almost 5 1/2 and he still says “th” like “f” among other weird letter sounds. Should I be worried about that? Whatever. Someday, I’m sure he’ll get it. (Right?) 😉

    • Katie White says:

      Funny, I just got off the phone with the speech evaluation office and the woman on the phone said “R’s? That’s developmental and most don’t get it until after kindergarten.” I’m so not worried. 🙂

  2. Leslie says:

    I am so happy I stopped by…wonderful post. Lots to think about. I just found Just Write a week ago and love it. I wrote a post and linked and am now trying to read so many the other women’s pieces. Love finding all these new blogs {new to me}


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