And the flowers and the trees.

Because you had to know that the birds and the bees talk never just goes away…

I proceeded that night to tell Adam about our lunchtime chat and his first response (besides laughing through the whole recount) was “Now we’ll be the talk of the 4th grade lunch table.” My response? “No, I’m sure she will totally forget about it.”

I don’t know if Alaina said anything at school. (I haven’t gotten any emails or calls from her teacher or classmates’ parents. Yet.) But if you were at Chick-fil-A the following night for dinner, during FAMILY NIGHT where every single family in Indy was eating dinner that night, you might have overheard this:

Alaina: Daddy, I know how you get pregnant now.

Adam (trying to ignore her): Yeah. (shoves more food in his mouth and turns away from her)

Alaina: And it’s GROSS.

Adam: Please, don’t talk about it any more.

Me: Alaina, remember, this is something that is personal and private. We don’t talk about it here.

Alaina: But I know, Daddy, and it’s really gross.

Both Adam and I together: Alaina! Enough! Stop talking about it!

Alaina (smiling, of course): Okay. Then I’m going to go play.

I mean, really, enough talking about it already my sweet child. I already envision you telling telling the babysitter last night and all the girls at school *exactly* how sperm gets to the egg. And, maybe a little too much information but, it’s also not great for the ambiance to think about you talking about “that sex” when in the moment.

So let’s move on, shall we?

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