Mario Kart Widow

That’s me.

I should have known this would happen.

We bought ourselves girls a Wii for Christmas. We’ve been wanting to get one for a few years, but just didn’t want to spend the money. So when we found it for under $100 this year, we couldn’t pass it up.

So we bought Just Dance 3 on the cheap from Amazon and a couples games off Craig’s List, Mario Kart being one of them.

Again, I should have known.

I mean, my husband played Tecmo Bowl well into his “real world” post-college days and for our wedding gift, get this: His dad and step-mom gave us a check for a Play Station – yes, written in the memo line of the check.

So 11 years later we bought our first gaming system since that Play Station and in the 10 days since we the girls opened it, he has gone from playing it well into the night after I go to bed, to playing right after the kids go to bed and then again after we watch any nightly shows. Oh, and still plays well after I go to bed.

He loves me. I know he does. He maybe, just maybe, loves video games more. 🙂

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About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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2 Responses to Mario Kart Widow

  1. I bought Michael a playstation 3 this year for christmas, and I’m already hating my decision. Lovely, huh?

  2. punkinmama says:

    At least he hasn’t set-up 2 TVs right next to each other so that he can play Mario Kart *while* watching your nightly shows??!

    Thankfully, I am not talking about my own husband, but I do know someone who has done this…

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