Camping out. And tents. And purple grape juice.

Cami wants to camp out on her floor tonight. On the hardwood floor. In a sleeping bag. In her little $2 rummage sale sleeping bag that has NO cushion.

I’m not sure why this is so appealing to her. It’s, well, HARD. How can that be comfortable?

I also don’t get why her and big sis Alaina always want to move their mattresses onto the floor. It’s another form of “camping out” they like to do. Isn’t that the same thing as just sleeping IN your bed? I don’t get the novelty of it.

What I do get is making forts. I used to do that all the time when I was growing up. At my best friend’s house, we would have her big sister help us set up chairs and gets TONS of blankets and turn their entire family room into a “kennel” – you know, because we were DOGS.

And then we’d get milk in bowls and lap it up, shaking our pretend tails. We were mostly talking dogs, but sometimes we’d bark and go crazy at the door like when the doorbell rang.

Once, totally unrelated to the tent/dog story, my best friend was pouring me a glass of grape juice. The good, dark, purple grape juice, you know? As she was pouring, she said “Tell me when” and when she got close to the top I said “Okay, that’s enough” but she just kept pouring, like she didn’t even hear me. I kept saying “Danielle! Stop!!! It’s going to spill!! Stop!!! That’s enough!!!” But she kept pouring.

Then I realized I hadn’t said “WHEN.”

She thought she was so funny.

And she was, apparently, since I still remember that story like it was yesterday, rather than 27 years ago. And I still can’t tell it without smiling like a fool.

(This really is going somewhere. I promise. Unless I keep getting interrupted by previously mentioned wanting-to-camp-out little girl.)

So when Cami just asked me if she could camp out on her floor tonight, my instinct was to tell her “No, that is not comfortable and it’s a school night.” And then I thought, it’s not comfortable for ME. But it’s GOT to be comfortable for HER if she wants to keep doing it. And really, the girl can sleep through/on anything.

So I’m going to let her. On a Tuesday night. Because I want her to have great memories of doing things like camping out on her bedroom floor or making tents that totally wreck our living room for days.

Hopefully the girls will grow up to tell stories of when they made tents too. Though I hope they don’t have a grape juice story. At least not one that happens at my house. Man, that made a mess.


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4 Responses to Camping out. And tents. And purple grape juice.

  1. punkinmama says:

    Love this. I really need to teach Punkin the art of tent-making in the living room…

  2. Danielle says:

    Oh my!!! I am laughing so hard right now. I do not remember the grape juice story. I do, however, remember the tents and all the sleepovers. Great memories that I will NEVER forget. 🙂

  3. Just Heather says:

    Way to create memories, Mom!
    My girls love forts and floor camping. They love it so much that it’s how the two younger girls accidentally started sharing a room. I should blog that story someday…

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