Ranting. Pissed off ranting.

Today sucks. Already. And it’s only 10:11 am.


You know when you make a choice, a BIG choice? You know *maybe* like whether or not you should quit your job and be a stay-at-home mom after #3 is born? And you wonder for *maybe* nine months whether you did the right thing? And then BAM! Yep, you realize you made the right choice because of all the crap you really don’t want to deal with anymore?

Yeah, me too. I guess that’s what happens when you still do contract work and not really cut all ties. And believe me, I would go on but I really don’t want to get sued. (That’s a whole other post: things I’d do if “X” wouldn’t happen.)

But shouldn’t that make you happy? And not totally pissed off?

And then you read an article about how effed up one of your State Representatives is that makes you even more pissed off? I mean seriously. “Hanging on a tree?” Ugh.

And wanna know why it just rained in Indy? Because I watered my garden yesterday.

And I’m pretty sure my cat is dying. The $74 steroid shot he got yesterday for “maybe allergic bronchitis” doesn’t seem to be working for this wheezing cough thing he’s got going on. Oh, and my dog did this same thing and we found out he had a tumor the size of a softball growing in his neck. So, really, the outlook doesn’t seem so good.

Maybe I’m just PMSing. Though I don’t know if that’s it cuz she’s still on vacay. Which I’m NOT complaining about, but I guess I can’t really blame it on that then huh?

Wanna know what’s NOT going to make me feel better? Shiney Christian music on the radio. GAG. Or doing the 1,400 loads of laundry that need done today. Or doing the dishes. Maybe I should take a mental health day.

It’s really too bad the State Fair is over. I bet some fried veggies and a bunch of farm animals would make me happy.

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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4 Responses to Ranting. Pissed off ranting.

  1. Lynne Brown says:

    Katie-Kate! I feel bad that your day is so awful. It can only get better, right??? Everyone deserves a mental health day or 2 or a month sometimes! Hope things get better. Love, Lynne

  2. Angie Perry says:

    Katie-I am having one of those days, too! I am being completing misunderstood in a situation at work and there is literally nothing I can do about it but watch from the sidelines and pray it all blows over. I feel like I made all the right choices over the last four years in regards to this ongoing situation and then all in one instant, those years have been for NOTHING. It’s really pissing me off today.

    SO, I empathize with you today and will pray for you through this. 😦

    Angie Perry

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