I *might* need an intervention.

I love the Indiana State Fair. I get so excited each and every August when Fair time rolls around.

Now I am definitely a city girl, but I love to imagine living in the country on a farm with TONS of animals (primarily horses) and a huge massive garden. And the Fair, well it allows me to pretend for just a little bit that I’m living that dream.

Let me tell you that I’ve never been more than twice in one year before this year. It costs $8 per person (6 years old and up) just to get in the fairgrounds, so that has always limited us in the number of times we could visit.

But for some reason I wanted to go A LOT this year. So I started entering contests on blogs to win tickets. And I won. Twice. For a grand total of six tickets.

So the first night the entire family went for only $3 thanks to a free ticket promotion in the Indy Star newspaper (buy a paper, get a free ticket and since Cami & Baby Jedi are under 6, we only needed three tickets).

The next two times I took the kids for free thanks to the tickets I won from Indiana’s Family of Farmers and Inexpensively.

But then the husband unit wanted to go again. (ok, twist my arm to make me go for the FOURTH time in 8 days.) So we had two free tickets left and today was AAA member day, so we were able to go for free again.

It was almost like we had an Indiana State Fair membership. It was like, the best 8 days ever.

We consumed:

  • 4 Dairy Bar kids meals (seriously, $4 for grilled cheese, apple slices, yogurt and chocolate milk!)
  • Fried Veggies (all for me baby, all for me)
  • 2 corn dogs
  • 4 chocolate shakes (free by playing a Beango! game)
  • 2 elephant ears and 1 funnel cake (thanks to having carnie friends!)

    Special thanks to our awesome friend Will who instructs all his workers to give us free fried deliciousness!

I mean where else will a calf try to nurse from your daughter’s knee?

And where else does your 9 mo old’s stank face fit in EVERYWHERE?

Or get a big ole pout from the 5 yo because she doesn’t want to be the boy in the wooden cut-out?

Or have goats attack the 9 mo old through their cages because they think he’s going to feed them?

And seriously, you’ve probably been at the Fair too many times when your baby has napped more in the stroller than in his bed.

As we said goodbye to the Fair today, I think I started going through withdrawal before we even left the parking lot. I could stay with the horses the entire 17 day run of the Fair. (They’re my favorite. Hands down. And I’m thinking next year I need to find some horse-showing friends that I can hang out with for a week in the saddle barn. Anyone?)

But then I got home and saw on Twitter that there’s FREE ADMISSION on Friday. And so maybe today wasn’t my last visit…

I think I *might* have an addiction. And I *might* need an intervention.


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11 Responses to I *might* need an intervention.

  1. I think I know enough of us to create a support group.

  2. What Emily said.
    With funnel cakes and apple dumplings for all. (ZOMG THE APPLE DUMPLINGS.)

  3. QuatroMama says:

    I’m so with you. BIG LOVE for the Indy State Fair with our fam!

  4. Tricia F. says:

    Where did Alaina get to be so close to a baby calf? Ally wanted to see the baby calves, but we couldn’t find them.

    And we didn’t get yogurt with our dairy bar meals. Hmmm… 🙂

    We like the horses too. I told the girls we’d try to go see a show with the horses in it next year.

    • Katie White says:

      The calves were in the southwest corner of the cattle barn. There were 5-6 calves in it and the kids could go in the caged area. It was really great. (It’s gone now, since all the cows are gone.)

      And we only got yogurt one day and not the other. I think the different groups running the Dairy Bar gave out different things. 🙂

    • Liberty says:

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