Top Ten Tuesday

Thought I’d join in on the Top Ten Tuesday fun with 10 reasons why it’s okay to have a drink at 1:08 pm on a Tuesday.

  1. There’s nothing else to drink. Our fridge is empty. I was going to go to the store last night and then Adam remembered it was the guys’ monthly “Movie Night” at a neighbor’s house. Then I was going to go this morning, but a friend needed some kiddo help and I thought that was more important. Until now. When I’m hungry and thirsty.
  2. I was up before 6am with Baby Jedi.
  3. I had to miss a work meeting this morning because I couldn’t find a sitter. Oh the joys of (normally) working from home…
  4. #1 disobeyed our “no talking to Mom or Dad when on the phone” rule and while trying to get my attention, proceeded to knock off my (full) bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup off the table and onto: the dining room rug, my skirt, 2 chairs, a bench, the table, Baby Jedi’s highchair AND the wall.
  5. #2 whined and cried all morning while her friends were over because she wasn’t getting her way.
  6. It’s H.O.T. It currently feels like 97 degrees outside.
  7. It’s 81 degrees (downstairs) in my house, thanks to no central air. Our AC unit is workin’ its butt off these last 2 days. (Upstairs, it’s well over 85 degrees…)
  8. It sure would make all this cleaning I need to do more fun.
  9. It’s summertime. There are no rules about drinking during the summer right?
  10. Because I wanna. And some days you just feel like this:

So I put Baby Jedi down for a nap (where he then cried for almost 20 minutes because he can’t stand to be away from me for 10 seconds), sent the girls to their rooms for some quiet time and poured myself an ice-cold caffiene-free Diet Pepsi. You know, because I have three kids I have to take care of today…

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9 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday

  1. and here I thought you were being all naughty. I’m on my 2nd diet coke of the day.

  2. tara says:

    Rough day for you! We also have an upstairs that is around 90 degrees often… The central air doesn’t work well for whatever reason, and yesterday it couldn’t keep up anyway. And, I’ve been known to drink a beer (or two) at reasonable afternoon hours myself. Why not!?

  3. Lynne Brown says:

    Great blog! Been there! I always TRY and tell myself that after 4 pm is ok, but then what’s wrong with one drink to help your stress, I mean, anxiety isn’t good for your health! Plus, if you had a problem, you wouldn’t have written this blog.

  4. Lynne Brown says:

    Derrick could help with the central air problem!

  5. Lynne Brown says:

    Have a reputable HVAC company service your air conditioner. More than likely it just needs cleaned and correctly charged. I could walk Adam through the cleaning to save money. If that doesn’t do the trick, you could have someone come out and properly charge your system. I’m not sure what kind of home you have. I would try and close the supply registers in the lower floors to force more air to the upstairs. Keep in mind the fact that heat rises. The second floor will always be warmer. You can always reach me @ two six zero seven one five six one one six for advise.

  6. tinlizzy3 says:

    Oh, my. Kitchen spills especially leave me having to take deep breaths. Is it the wasted food? The huge mess? The stains? The having to then go prepare another plate/bowl etc of more food? The fact that you just sat down for the first moment in hours? I could keep going but will just stop right there…

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