It’s everything.

My little guy just turned six months old. This is him.

But this? This, at 11 days old, is how I’ll always remember him.

What is it about babies that makes you go crazy inside? That makes your heart swell? Like you never want to be without one?

It’s the smell after a bath.

It’s the open mouth drooly kisses that attack your face.

It’s the excited, legs go crazy, grabbing your hair, burying his face in your shoulder moments.

It’s the peaceful, sleepy face with no cares in the world, except to be loved by his mama.

Let’s be honest. It’s everything.

I told my husband everyone that I was done having kids after my first was born. It was so hard and I wanted to protect my future relationship with her. Then she grew up and talked me into having another.

I told my husband everyone that I was done having kids after my second was born. The transition for my first (and for us as a family) was extremely difficult. Then the girls grew up and I decided I couldn’t possibly NOT have another baby.

Last night, Baby Jedi pushed up to his hands and knees. I couldn’t believe that he was big enough to do that already. My first thought was: I can’t believe he’s getting so big. I want him to stay a baby.

“We have to have another.” It even came out of my mouth. *gasp*

I will never say I’m done having kids again. I know myself too well. Because that thing that make you go crazy about babies? Well, it’s everything to me.

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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