I remember being her.

So my oldest is getting to the point where I remember being her age. Not in great detail, but I remember having my first crush on a boy named Russell in 3rd grade. And I remember when my 3rd grade teacher would only call me “Kathy” because she didn’t agree that “Katie” was a suitable nickname for “Kathleen.”  And the whole experience of my mom losing my baby brother just a few hours after he was born when she went into pre-term labor (and that same teacher telling my whole class incorrectly that the baby was  still-born).

On a brighter note, today, I had another flashback. My oldest has decided she takes showers now. Only showers. No more baths. And today, she turned the radio station to Radio Disney and blasted it so loud that I could hear the songs word for word downstairs without straining. Of course she had it this loud in order for HER to hear the words while in the shower.

THIS? This I remember so vividly.

It’s crazy that I have a child old enough that I remember being her.

She doesn’t have any crushes yet. (Her younger sister apparently is taking that one on at the ripe age of FOUR, telling us “that {love} movie made me think of how much I like Adam from my school.” giggle, giggle.)

But she’ll remember some of these days 25 years from now. Makes me want to make them the best for her.

I shaved my legs for the first time (with my mom’s razor without asking) in 4th grade. That’s NEXT YEAR for my oldest! I’m hiding my razor tomorrow.

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2 Responses to I remember being her.

  1. Deb Baresic says:

    I hope you were not to traumatized by us finally agreeing that the only way to stop the teacher from calling you “Kathy” was to send you to school with a sign on your back that I made that said “My name is Katie”! I remember it took me threatening to have you removed from her class before she called you Katie
    I hope that Andy’s death taught you about how fragile life is (though it killed me that you had to learn that at such a young age) and I know it taught you how much we love and value our 2 children.
    I so love you seeing yourself in Alaina. It is how the generations move forward.
    And yes, I too remember you shaving your legs! (and how unreasonably upset I was) Hide your razor after this year! My Dad taught me to shave my legs with his electric razor when my Mom was away!

  2. Lynne Brown says:

    It is amazing how fast they change. I controlled the radio and now she knows every word to every Top 40 song. I’m learning music from her?!?!? I remember being that way. Luckily at the Dollar Tree the other day I saw one of those TV hair rubbing pads to remove leg hair. This will do for now, but not for long. Unfortunately, I figured out why my tweezers were always missing for weeks at a time and she knew where they were. They were plucking out armpit hairs one by one. I then immediately showed her how to shave. Weirdly enough, I think my 8-year-olds legs hairs are longer than my oldest. We’ll try Dollar Tree’s cheap invention item first, I guess.

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