Holy cost of private school, Batman!

As I’ve mentioned before, my oldest goes to a private school. We’ve only had to worry about tuition for one so far and I was working 20+ hours a week until November, so the cost was feasible. And in my mind, COMPLETELY WORTH IT. The school is amazing. And I love it.

Well, now #2 will be heading to kindergarten in the fall. And I’m down to working about 8-12 hours a MONTH since Baby Jedi was born. This makes for a bit of financial stress on this household(read: HOLY CRAP!).

And by a bit, I mean I have to find (at a minimum) $600 a month of extra income/slashed expenses by August. And that’s just to break even. It doesn’t even include what we owe for property taxes or insurance or savings for a vacation. Nada. Our tax refund funded those items this year thankfully. (But it ain’t gonna fund it next year I bet.)

What it comes down to is this: Is it worth it? And if so, do I trust that God will provide, some how, some way?

I think the first answer is yes. The second question: easier said than done for this control freak.

So of course, I’ve started the search to fund the gap (just in case God doesn’t provide, you know, because that’s who I am). I sent an email to 5 individuals (who know me well and are well networked) in an attempt to find some extra work.  And we’re working to identify expenses/savings that we could decrease (like retirement, college, entertainment). Also, the husband is contemplating finding a new job, in the for-profit realm of accounting, which would most likely pay more, but would come with seeing us less.

Dang that school. For not being free. And for being so darn good for #1 that we can’t imagine life anywhere else.

But we have to be realistic. Right now this choice we’ve made isn’t financially sustainable. So I think we’ll commit to dipping into our savings account and adjusting our income/expenses for the upcoming school year. But you’d better believe I’ll be spending the next year determining if it’s really worth it and what my public school options are in case it’s not.

Show me the way, God. I’m up for the challenge. (I think.)

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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One Response to Holy cost of private school, Batman!

  1. bummer that this is still an issue. I hope you all can have peace as you work through it all!

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