Thoughts for a new momma.

When Baby Jedi was born, #1 was 8 and #2 was 4. It’s almost like starting over again.  Four years is a long time when life keeps moving on and your memory starts getting worse. (I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old…)

So I thought I’d put down some thoughts about how things are and how they change when a new baby is born – for those embarking on this mommy thing for the first time and those, like me, who wait more than the standard two years between kids.

  1. While breastfeeding is the “natural” (and FREE) way to go, it sometimes feels anything but natural. For me, my babies latch on quickly and rigorously. And they don’t want to stop. The trade-off? It hurts. A lot. And I have to remind myself to breathe for the first couple of weeks at each and every feeding and during every shower until the “girls” are broken in. (Do NOT face the shower when you are a new nursing momma unless you are sheilding those bad boys with your hands. You have been warned.) And then again when ducts are clogged and painful. Breastfeeding takes committment.  And it’s okay to think it sucks sometimes.  But for me, it’s totally worth it. (And again, it is FREE.  Have you seen the price of formula?!)
  2. Hormones are crazy for the first month. Imagine pregnancy and PMS all at the same time. Warn your husband. And talk to your friends. Tell SOMEONE all the junk in your head so you know you’re normal. And so that if by chance that junk isn’t normal, you have someone to help you through it.
  3. Even though I lost all my pregnancy pounds, my body is not the same as it was pre-pregnancy. How could I weigh the same but not be able to zip my jeans? (Answer: Your belly, Katie, was stretched to fit a BABY. And you don’t do sit-ups.) And why do all of my shirts fit differently? (Answer: Your girls, and I don’t mean babies #1 and #2, aren’t the same as before. Therefore, your shirts don’t quite hang the same way. Just like your girls don’t quite hand the same way. Oh, and you’re wearing a nursing bra, not that nice push-up Victoria Secret one you bought right before you got pregnant.)
  4. Sex? What’s that? (Yes, it’ll return. I promise. In due time. And you’ll like it.)
  5. Take as many pictures as you possibly can and from angles that you look at your baby right now as she’s sleeping in your arms. Because you’ll forget what a cute and precious baby she was when she’s 8 and I’m sure when she’s 15. And you’ll need to be reminded how much you loved and wanted her.
  6. Most importantly, I finally understood, truly, the way God loves me, when I held #1 for the first time. And then reminded after #2. And again after #3. It’s pretty amazing.

There’s more, so much more, but I have kids who will be up early in the morn and I need my sleep. Help me add to the list?

About Katie White

believer. wife. mom. friend. life in transition.
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One Response to Thoughts for a new momma.

  1. Jessica says:

    This is perfect timing for me, Katie! Thanks for the refresher course in being a Mommy!

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